About Us

Minland Machine, Inc. has built its reputation on Excellence in Quality, Service, and Price

We are a small family-based business that is widely diversified in our capabilities. We engineer our machines and tooling packages utilizing a variety of up-to-date software programs.

Our History

Minland Machine, Inc. was established in 1985. We are located in Edwardsburg, Michigan. Minland Machine, Inc. began as a screw machine production manufacturer. We purchased our first CNC mill in 1987 and began manufacturing tooling for the Gunite Corporation. Specifically making tooling packages for their Multi-Spindle Bullards and stamping Slack Adjuster Seal Plates. We have designed and built special machines for a variety of their applications. Our innovations in technology and precision engineering have led us to specialize in Stamping Dies, Roll-Form Tooling, Cut-off Dies, CNC Benders, Punch Machines, and Production Tooling packages for the window industry.

What We Do

In our 17,000 square foot facility, we now provide a wide variety of services including:

Apprentice Programs Available (We are taking applications.)

Need CNC Expertise?

Minland Machine utilizes the best equipment, technology, and people to produce the highest quality CNC machining in the industry. Contact us for your next project.